New inquiry: Defence and cyber-security

18 January 2012

The Defence Committee today (18 January 2012) announces the second of a series of inquiries looking at developing threats facing UK defence

Following the Committee’s inquiry into electromagnetic pulse activity, this inquiry will survey the issue of cyber-security as it relates to the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces.


The National Security Strategy identified cyber-security as one of the ‘tier one’ risks to national security. In November 2011 the Government published the second UK Cyber Security Strategy, and a £650m programme has been launched under the management of the Cabinet Office to address cyber-security across Government. The Committee specifically aims to assess the following:

1. The nature and extent of the cyber-security threat to Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces systems, operations and capabilities;

2. The implications of the 2011 UK Cyber Security Strategy for the Ministry of Defence; including:

  • The MoD’s role in cross-governmental cyber-security policy and practice, including the protection of critical national infrastructure; 
    The relationship of MoD’s actions and planning to the National Security Council, the Cabinet Office and GCHQ.

3. How the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces are managing and planning responses to threats in the cyber domain; including:

  • Skills, capacity and expertise within the MoD and the Armed Forces, including in research and development;
  • How MoD and National Cyber Security Programme resources are being used to address cyber-security.

After this inquiry, the Committee intends to return to the topic of cyber-security at a later date to investigate a broader range of issues beyond the scope set out above. The Committee therefore also welcomes views in written evidence on specific issues which would merit further attention.

How to respond

The Committee would welcome written evidence to this inquiry. A copy of the submission should be sent by e-mail to and should have ‘Defence and cyber-security' in the subject line. Submission should be sent to the Second Clerk of the Defence Committee by Monday 20 February 2012

If you have any queries on the submission of evidence contact Judith Boyce, Second Clerk, tel: 020 7219 4453, email:

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