Committee announces inquiry into Operations in Afghanistan

28 July 2010

The Defence Committee announced today that it is to conduct an inquiry into Operations in Afghanistan.

The Committee is calling for written evidence and is particularly interested in receiving evidence which addresses the following issues:

  • the justification for the continued participation of UK Armed Forces within ISAF and the success of the Government in communicating this to the UK public;
  • the success of military operations in Helmand including the timetable for the planned withdrawal of combat troops and the sustainability of the current level of deployment;
  • the success of stabilisation and reconstruction efforts including the work of the UK led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Helmand;
  • the issue of civilian casualties and the transparency of their reporting by ISAF;
  • the efficacy of the training of the Afghan National Security Forces; and
  • the support for operations including the timely provision of appropriate equipment, in particular, in terms of communications, logistic support, counter-IED measures, helicopters, force protection and the air bridge.

For further information regarding the inquiry into Operations in Afghanistan, please visit the Inquiries page.

The deadline for submitting written evidence is Monday 13 September. Individuals and organisations interested in giving written evidence may find the detailed guidance for evidence to House of Commons Select Committees (PDF PDF 1.25 MB) particularly useful.

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