The indispensable ally? US, NATO and UK Defence relations

31 October 2017

The Defence Committee questions Sir Adam Thomson and Elisabeth Braw on the UK's relationship with NATO and NATO's effectiveness.


Tuesday 31 October 2017, Committee Room 21

At 11.30am

UK's relationship with NATO

This is the second evidence session in an inquiry which was ongoing at the time of the General Election and has subsequently been re-established. Focusing on the UK's relationship with NATO and NATO's effectiveness, the Committee will explore the following:

  • What US, UK and other NATO member state military and security resources are currently available for the defence of Europe?
  • To what extent could the UK and continental Europe deter an aggressive Russia, or defend themselves from a nuclear threat or conventional attack by Russia, without US participation in NATO?
  • To what is the US currently committed in terms of NATO military modernisation? What will be the impact if some of those programmes cease to be funded?
  • Does NATO devote sufficient attention to the threat from international terrorism?
  • What will be the effect of the Trump Presidency on the further development of a European defence identity and on the level of investment in defence by European NATO member states?

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