Is Islamist terrorism the Existential Threat facing the UK?

10 January 2018

The Defence Committee holds an inquiry into how the UK counters global Islamist terrorism at home and abroad.

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The Defence Committee invites written evidence on the following questions:

  • Is Islamist Terrorism the Existential Threat to the UK?
  • Is responding to the threat posed by Islamist Terrorism a military role or rather a responsibility for domestic powers with occasional military aid to civil authorities?
  • What is the UK doing to combat Islamist Terrorism abroad and at home?
  • What does success look like in relation to Islamist Terrorist organisations?
  • What military activities prevent the growth of and deter the activities of Islamist Terror organisations?
  • Which previous and current lines of effort against Islamist Terrorist organisations have proved to be most successful?
  • What is the role of strategic communications in countering Islamist Terrorist messaging and are there lessons to be learnt from past campaigns?
  • How does the UK work effectively with allies and partners to combat Islamist Terrorism? How might joint efforts be improved?
  • Are there significant innovations by allies in the fight against Islamist Terrorism that the UK could evaluate and explore?
  • To what extent is international terrorism dependent on state sponsorship?
  • Is the UK overly focused on Islamist Terrorist organisations in the MENA region? What other areas of the World is it in the UK’s national interest to monitor the threat posed by Islamist Terrorism?
  • How do military efforts build on and reinforce non-military responses to Islamist Terrorism?
  • Is there a role for Defence (as opposed to other UK Government Departments and Agencies) in combatting Islamist Terrorist Organisations?

Send a written submission to the inquiry on Global Islamist Terrorism.

The closing date for submission of written evidence is Monday 12 March 2018. 

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Image: A British Army trainer teaching partner forces as part of a coalition operation to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria (Ministry of Defence)

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