Defence Committee

Domestic Threat of Drones inquiry

Inquiry status: open

The deadline for written submissions was 10 May 2019. If you would like to submit a late piece of evidence please contact Committee staff.

Scope of the inquiry

The Defence Committee launches an inquiry examining the risk of terrorists and other extremists maliciously using drones within the UK, and what the Government should be doing to address this threat.

In recent years ever-more advanced drones have become readily available to the civilian market, and concern has increased around the world about their potential use by terrorists. The disruption caused at Gatwick and Heathrow airports last December and January highlighted the impact the misuse of drones could have, while there is growing worry that the battlefield experience gained from the use of drones in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, for both reconnaissance and attacking targets, could be used domestically. The Defence Committee has decided to explore the nature of the threat from drones, the availability of countermeasures and the UK’s preparedness for responding to this threat.


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