Importance of security of North Atlantic to the UK

24 January 2018

The Defence Sub-Committee examines the importance of the security of the North Atlantic to the UK.

A threat to the North Atlantic projected from the High North was recognised at the outset of the Cold War. The UK took a leading role in developing strategy to counter the risks posed to the transatlantic lines of communication which were necessary to reinforce NATO’s forces in Europe. The Sub-Committee will be able to explore how the UK and NATO should react as this threat re-emerges in a new form.

The Sub-Committee will also be able to look at aspects of the bi-lateral defence and security relationship between Norway and the UK, Norway’s view of the role that the UK plays in the Arctic and High North, and the prospects for future co-operation.


Wednesday 24 January 2018, The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 9.30am

  • Professor Eric Grove
  • Dr James Jinks
  • Colonel Professor John Andreas Olsen

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