Failures of governance at FIFA still need full investigation

02 November 2011

The Culture Media and Sport Committee today publishes a short report commenting on responses to its Report on the 2018 World Cup bid. The committee stands by its recommendation that FIFA commission a full independent investigation of the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

The committee notes that FIFA has received an apparent retraction of the original allegations related to Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid. While it welcomes the withdrawal of the allegations made by the "whistleblower" in the Sunday Times, the committee is still concerned that no apparent effort was made by FIFA to investigate these allegations when they were put to it, and that other allegations - specifically those made by Lord Triesman in evidence to the committee - remain.

FIFA's October 2011 Congress

FIFA's October 2011 Congress committed to establishing a new corporate governance and compliance committee  in December 2011 to oversee governance reforms proposed by three new task forces. It committed to completing these reforms by the 2013 FIFA Congress.

The committee welcomes these announcements as an encouraging indication that FIFA appears now to have recognised the need to initiate the systemic reform that the committee recommended in its report. It urges FIFA to proceed in a timely and transparent manner that delivers substantive outcomes.

Comments from the Chair

John Whittingdale MP, Chair of the committee, said:

"FIFA's new proposals for addressing systemic reform are encouraging, but will count for nothing if FIFA does not see them through in a timely and transparent manner. We urge FIFA to do this, and to show its commitment to good governance by commissioning an independent investigation of allegations of past misconduct. We strongly welcome the declared intention of the FA to seek international allies and to press the case for urgent reform."

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