Pre-appointment hearing with the candidate for BBC Trust Chairman

25 January 2011

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee today announces that it will hold a pre-appointment hearing with the Government’s preferred candidate for the role of Chairman of the BBC Trust on Thursday 10 March at 10.15 am

The Trust plays an important public role in setting the course for the BBC and representing the interests of the Licence Fee payer. The hearing will give the Committee the opportunity to test the candidate’s suitability and independence for the role. Following the hearing, the Committee will issue a report setting out its views on the candidate and whether or not he or she should be appointed.

John Whittingdale, Chair of the Committee, said:

“The Committee has been calling for a considerable time for the Chairman of the BBC Trust to be added to the list of public appointments subject to pre-appointment hearings and we are pleased that the Government has shown it is committed to enhancing Parliamentary scrutiny by agreeing. It is particularly important that the new Chairman of the BBC Trust is, and is seen to be, well qualified, independent, and politically impartial. This hearing is an important step forward in the involvement of Parliament in major public appointments and we look forward to examining the proposed candidate.”

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