Scrutiny of the draft Public Bodies Order 2013

23 April 2013

Call for evidence: Scrutiny of the draft Public Bodies (Merger of the Gambling Commission and the National Lottery Commission) Order 2013

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee is holding a short inquiry into the Government’s plan to merge the Gambling Commission with the National Lottery Commission. The Public Bodies (Merger of the Gambling Commission and the National Lottery Commission) Order 2013 was laid before Parliament on 25 March 2013.

The Gambling Commission is in place to regulate commercial gambling in Great Britain. The National Lottery Commission is responsible for ensuring that the National Lottery is run with all due propriety and maximises the amount of money available to good causes. A co-location of the two bodies has already taken place last year in Birmingham. The draft order would abolish the National Lottery Commission and bring its functions into the Gambling Commission. The Committee’s inquiry will consider the consequences of the proposed merger.

The Committee is inviting written submissions views on these issues

  • The merits or otherwise of the merger of these two bodies;
  • Any potential conflict of interests which might arise as result of a merger and the governance structures which might overcome these;
  • The readiness of the Gambling Commission to integrate the National Lottery Commission into its own structure; and
  • The accuracy of the projected savings which would result following a merger.

It is envisaged that the Committee will hold a single evidence session in this inquiry: further details will be announced in early May. The Committee is expected to report its finding to the House in June.

How to respond

The Committee is inviting written submissions on the above and any other matters relevant to the draft order. A copy of the submission should be sent by e-mail and should have ”Gambling and Lottery Commissions” in the subject line. Submissions should be received by Tuesday 14 May 2013.


  1. Further details about the draft order (external site) can be found in the Explanatory Document (PDF 44 KB) prepared by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and can be found on its website
  2. A public consultation on the proposal has already been conducted by the Department and a summary of responses (PDF 187 KB) is also available on the DCMS’s website.

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