Ex FIFA lawyer questioned on football governance

11 September 2017

Dismissed FIFA executive to reveal pressure and interference experienced during 11 month tenure on Governance Committee.


Wednesday 13 September 2017, Committee Room 8

At 8.45am

  • Professor Miguel Poiares Maduro, Former Chair of the FIFA Governance Committee and its independent Review Committee

Session background

In May 2017, Miguel Maduro was unexpectedly dismissed from his post as Chair of FIFA’s Governance Committee, set up in the wake of the 2015 FIFA corruption scandal, 11 months in to an expected four year role. 

Some of the events leading to Maduro’s dismissal have been well publicised, but in the months since Maduro’s departure from FIFA, it has become clear that these represent only part of the interference in his role that Maduro encountered at FIFA.

The aim of this first evidence session for the newly formed Committee is to explore the pressure and interference Maduro experienced at FIFA in relation to the well-known case of Mutko, and other cases that Maduro has yet to disclose. The session also looks at the broader institutional attitudes toward reform within FIFA, including those held by senior FIFA officials. Mr Maduro is protected by Parliamentary Privilege in giving this evidence and has indicated that he will answer all the Members’ questions as fully as he can.

Further information

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