Chair nominations for Culture, Media and Sport Committee

The nominations for Select Committee Chairs ran from 4-10 June and the ballot will be on Wednesday 17 June from 10am to 5pm. On this page you can find the full list of nominees for the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, the Committee Chair will be a member of the Conservative Party.


Nominated by (own party)

Nadhim Zahawi, John Glen, Neil Carmichael, James Morris, David Mackintosh, Alec Shelbrooke, Kelly Tolhurst, Sir Paul Beresford, Chris Philp, Nigel Adams, Craig Mackinlay, Robert Jenrick, Dr Phillip Lee, Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger, Gareth Johnson

Nominated by (other parties) 

Mr Clive Betts, Mark Durkan, Meg Hillier, Jim Shannon
Relevant interests declared Chairman, Step Short Folkestone – First World War Centenary charity (unremunerated)


For the last five years in parliament, including serving as a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, I have campaigned to promote the arts and creative industries, tackle corruption in sport and address the need for good governance of our media. It is because of my passion and commitment to our culture, heritage, media and sport that I have put myself forward for Chairman of the Select Committee.

I was an active member of the Select Committee investigations into Football Governance and Phone Hacking, and am a founder member of New FIFA Now, a global movement campaigning for complete reform of football’s governing body. In 2014 I also introduced my private members bill on Football Governance at home, calling for tighter rules to stop unfit owners and directors becoming involved in the game, to give supporters more of a say on how their club is run and prevent the community suffering caused when clubs become insolvent. In supporting my campaign to become Chairman of the Select Committee, Lord Triesman, the former Chairman of the Football Association has said that “It is hard to think of anyone with a stronger commitment to the key areas of the committee’s work or with a better record on transparency and dealing effectively with corruption in sport.”

Previous experience

Before becoming an MP, my main career was in the advertising industry, working for ten years at the M&C Saatchi agency. I know from personal experience how interconnected the arts and creative industries are; with major companies relying on the talent of artists, musicians, photographers, writers and filmmakers. I am also the Chairman of the Conservative Arts and Creative Industries Network, an organisation I founded with the Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, six years ago. I believe it is important for people in politics to go out and actively engage with the creative community right around the country. The Select Committee should continue to seek evidence by taking its hearings and meetings outside of London, as well as holding events in Westminster. For the last five years I have also been the Chairman of the All Party Group for the Fashion and Textile industries, including organising the first ever show in the Palace of Westminster, for graduate designers.

I am Chairman of the Step Short, the First World War centenary charity. Step Short has worked to mark the role played by Folkestone during the war as the main port of embarkation for military personnel traveling to and from the trenches of the western front; there were 10 million movements of soldiers through the town during the war. Step Short raised the funds to build a memorial arch which was opened by HRH Prince Harry on 4 August 2014. I believe that proper regard to our heritage and the sacrifices made by previous generations is vital to the education of our young people, and to our national life.

Nominated by (own party)

Sir Paul Beresford, Crispin Blunt, Nigel Evans, Nusrat Ghani, Rebecca Harris, Sir Alan Haselhurst, Sir Oliver Heald, Andrew Mitchell, David Morris, Robert Neill, Neil Parish, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Caroline Spelman, Robert Syms, Stephen Phillips

Nominated by (other parties)

Tom Brake, Helen Goodman, Paul Farrelly, Fiona Mactaggart


I want the Committee, which was chaired so well by John Whittingdale, to maintain its position as a leading voice on media, sporting and cultural matters, and to increase its reputation in the vital field of tourism. To do this I would want individual committee members from all parties to contribute significantly both to the work programme of the committee, and to the consequent media appearances when reports are published.
The Department itself has at times been under threat. I believe its abolition would be a big mistake as it would underrate the importance of its policy areas in the lives of millions of people. My underlying wish is that the Committee’s work should address those big issues in a practical way which will make an impact on Ministerial decisions.

Personal Experience

  • I have been a member of the DCMS Committee, one of three Select Committees on which I have served.
  • In the last Parliament I was Chair of the All-Party BBC Group, allowing MPs to question senior BBC management on key issues.
  • I was the policy adviser in the Downing Street Policy Unit for the creation of the National Lottery
  • I founded and ran a media think tank, the European Media Forum, before becoming an MP.
  • I have worked both for the press (The Times) and broadcasting organisations (BBC, Channel 4 News and independent producers)
  • I am a season ticket holder at the football club I have supported since I was 9, and a lifelong lover of music, cinema and many sports.

Ideas for the Committee

The issues which will need to be addressed include:

  • The BBC Charter and the future of the licence fee (as a follow-up to a particularly good report in the last Parliament)
  • The Governance of football
  • Tourism and the current subsidy regime, especially as it affects the different nations and regions
  • Broadband provision, especially in rural areas
  • Lottery money, including both its distribution and the best way to maintain income
  • Press freedom and privacy

Select Committees are one of the best institutions in Parliament, giving a real chance to back-benchers both to hold Departments and Ministers to account and to influence policy. I have sat on both sides of the interrogation process, and at its best (or worst if you are a Minister!) it can expose weak arguments and hidden agendas. A strong Select Committee, led by someone experienced, competent and fair, can make a real difference. I hope I have the chance to do that.

Nominated by (own party)

Julian Sturdy, Daniel Kawczynski, Amanda Solloway, Anne Marie Morris, Karl McCartney, Bob Stewart, Stephen McPartland, Mr Simon Burns, Tom Pursglove, Mrs Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Maggie Throup, Andrew Jones, Mr Peter Bone, Andrea Jenkyns, Mr Andrew Turner

Nominated by (other parties)

Jo Cox, Sarah Champion, Andrew Gwynne, Debbie Abrahams, Greg Mulholland


I am standing for election as Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. From grassroots sport, to community choirs and local theatre groups, this department looks after areas that affects the everyday lives of all of our constituents. It’s certainly a big part of my life whether supporting my Dad singing solo with his Yorkshire Male Voice Choir, having worked for both ITV and the BBC and having recently run London Marathons. I love technology but just wish I had decent broadband speeds in my home village of Honley in Yorkshire.

I’m really fascinated by leadership in sport. Why does a football team always play better under a new manager? As Chairman of the DCMS Committee I’d use and blend all the talents, knowledge and experience of the committee members in tackling the funding for the arts, the roll out of superfast broadband and the governance of sport. I’d bring a bit of Yorkshire common sense to my role as Chairman of the Committee, teamwork and a sense of fair play.

Relevant Experience

  • I have worked as a Broadcast Journalist for both the BBC and ITV.
  • I was Father of the Chapel for my local NUJ Branch.
  • I was a lecturer in Broadcast Journalism at Leeds Trinity & Leeds Met University.
  • I’ve been Chairman of ITV APPG & Vice Chairman of BBC APPG.
  • I haven’t been to the ballet but I love brass bands.
  • I’m Vice Chair of the Jazz Appreciation APPG.
  • I’ve run the London Marathon twice, the Great North Run & cycle 300 mile charity bike rides.
  • I’m a Huddersfield Town season ticket holder.
  • I’m Vice Chairman of the Rugby League APPG & support the Huddersfield Giants

  • Biography: Jason McCartney

Nominated by (own party) 

James Cartlidge, Chris Davies, Mr David Davis, Dr Liam Fox, Pauline Latham, Charlotte Leslie, Paul Maynard, Johnny Mercer, Wendy Morton, Christopher Pincher, Victoria Prentis, Antoinette Sandbach, Andrew Stephenson, Michael Tomlinson, Mr Charles Walker

Nominated by (other parties) 

Margaret Beckett, Sir Gerald Kaufman, Stephen Pound, Mr Nigel Dodds, John Nicolson

Relevant interests declared 

Director, Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, Ltd (unremunerated)
Trustee, the Roundhouse Trust, Ltd (unremunerated)
Patron, The Music Pool Community Music Charity, Ltd
Patron, Herefordshire Riding for the Disabled
Regular columns for national press (payments given to charity)


I am standing as Chair of the DCMS Committee because I believe my independence of mind, personal experience, commitment to the brief and willingness to work with colleagues across party lines could be of value to the Committee, and to the House.

Relevant Experience

  • I have been a Director of the Hay Festival (  since 2009; and have spoken at arts festivals across the UK
  • I helped to set up and am a Trustee of the Roundhouse in London (, a pioneering performing arts venue and creative centre which supports thousands of disadvantaged young people every year through the arts
  • My biography of Edmund Burke was listed for the Johnson and Orwell Prizes
  • I'm a very keen musician; taught myself to read music and play the trumpet in my 40s; and play in the cross-party Parliamentary jazz band and in several local bands in Herefordshire
  • Five years on the Treasury Committee have helped to hone my cross-examination skills
  • I’m a season ticket holder at Hereford FC, and Vice President of Westfields Football Club.

Past work on DCMS issues

  • I took a lead on key DCMS issues in the last Parliament
  • That included opening backbench debates on non-league and grassroots football, rural broadband and poor mobile phone coverage
  • I campaigned vigorously against the takeover of Hereford United, and to keep football at Edgar Street
  • I have also made the case for the arts and culture, for better football regulation and better broadband in numerous articles and broadcasts in the national media.

Other experience

  • I led a cross-party effort to set up the Straw Committee on reform of the House of Commons administration last year
  • My campaigning on the Private Finance Initiative has helped save the taxpayer £1.6bn so far on the PFI
  • I was awarded Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year and Dod’s Backbencher of the Year 2013.

Vision for the Committee

  • Energetic, focused, but collegial, unified, authoritative and cross-party
  • Wide-ranging, with periodic meetings in major cities and regions across the UK
  • Key areas include:  BBC Charter and licence fee; local radio and press; press freedom; football, FIFA but also the FA and lower leagues/grass roots; broadband roll-out; mobile services; tourism; more on the creative industries, social power of the arts
  • Also important to look at the case for fairer local arts and broadcast media funding.

  • Biography: Jesse Norman

Nominated by (own party) 

Mrs Maria Miller, Nicola Blackwood, Craig Williams, Sir Alan Duncan, Mark Pritchard, Graham Evans, Iain Stewart, Mr Richard Bacon, Julian Knight, Maria Caulfield, Caroline Ansell, Andrew Bingham, Mr Geoffrey Cox, Mike Wood, David Warburton

Nominated by (other parties) 

Mr Jim Cunningham, Helen Jones, Mary Glindon, Angus Brendan MacNeil, Ian Blackford


The Department for Culture, Media and Sport sits at the heart of our national life.  It is vitally important that we deliver strong, independent and effective scrutiny of its work.

It would be a privilege to chair the Committee.  Having served as a member of the Education Committee for eight years, with the last five as its Chairman, I have the utmost respect for the work Select Committees can do in refining policy, scrutinising legislation and holding the Government to account. 
I learned a great deal from chairing the Education Committee and would apply the same principles to the Culture, Media and Sport portfolio – namely questioning without fear or favour, a thorough command of my brief and always giving colleagues the opportunity to develop and lead on areas of expertise. 

The CMS Committee covers a number of issues which will provoke serious and passionate debate over the next five years.  Members will form their own views about future inquiries, but it is likely we will consider BBC Charter renewal, the freedom of the press and also football governance – perhaps particularly with a view to how this can benefit the lower levels of the game.

From a personal perspective, my constituency borders Hull, City of Culture in 2017.  I am interested in how we can promote a greater spread of cultural and sporting events throughout the UK.  I am also very interested in tourism, and how we can market and manage our outstanding heritage and national beauty. The CMS Committee compiled a very interesting report on this at the end of the last Parliament which leaves plenty of scope for follow-up inquiries.

At their best, Select Committees offer unique insight into Government policy and a platform to shape it for the better.  As both a Committee Member and Chairman I have always tried to make the most of the opportunity they represent and would really relish the chance to do so with Culture, Media and Sport.

Relevant experience

  • I have thirty years’ experience of founding and running media businesses, including many years as a magazine publisher covering a wide range of sports.  
  • I have served as a member of two Select Committees – Environmental Audit and Education, and was elected to chair the Education Committee in 2010.
  • I am an experienced and even-handed Chair and have the support of all Opposition members of my previous Committee.
  • Through my constituency work I have long been a champion of promoting access to rural broadband.  I also chair the APPG on Rural Services, which takes a close interest in the issue.
  • I worked hard to expand the Education Committee’s social media presence, including innovations such as the #AskGove evidence session, and would aim to ensure the Committee is seen as relevant and accessible.
  • I am a keen sportsman and am a committed member of the Commons cricket team, cyclist and skier (colleagues may remember that I gave an impromptu test to the French medical system when I broke an improbable number of bones in 2012).

  • Biography: Graham Stuart