Nominations for Culture, Media and Sport Committee Chair election

The nominations for Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee run from 11 October to Tuesday 18 October and the ballot is on Wednesday 19 October from 10am to 1.30pm. On this page you can find the full list of nominees. The Committee Chair will be a member of the Conservative Party.

Nominated by (own party)

Nigel Adams, Nicky Morgan, Nadhim Zahawi, Jason McCartney, Rehma Chishti, Mr Edward Vaizey, Kelly Tolhurst, Neil Carmichael, Caroline Nokes, Nigel Huddleston, Andrew Bingham, Mr Keith Simpson, Sir Simon Burns, Pauline Latham, Nusrat Ghani

Nominated by (other parties)

Julie Elliott, Paul Farrelly, Meg Hillier, Christian Matheson, John Nicolson


As the longest serving Conservative member of the Culture Media & Sport Select Committee and someone who as dedicated my Parliamentary career to the important work the Committee carries out, I believe that I am well qualified to become its next Chair.

Since the Chair became vacant in July I have held the position of Acting Chair, and have the unanimous support of the other Committee members. 

As the co-founder of the international ‘New FIFA Now’ campaign, I have been one of the leading voices in the movement to clean up football around the world, remove Sepp Blatter and his cronies, and to make it harder for corrupt people to buy British football clubs. I have spoken up for those who really matter in the game, the fans and supporters, including the tragic case of Coventry City. I made my views on the recent Telegraph revelations clear in an article published in that same paper.

Having played a leading role in the delivery of London 2012, my attention turned to Rio 2016 and the great success of Team GB’s Olympians and Paralympians. The issue of fair play came to prominence with the doping scandal. I raised my concerns about doping in Russian sport and the alleged collusion of their government.

As the MP for Folkestone and Hythe, I know how important tourism is to many communities. I have seen the potential for the arts and creative industries to support regeneration in our coastal towns. As Chairman of the Folkestone ‘Step Short’ First World War centenary charity, I led a team that raised £1million to create a memorial arch to commemorate the journeys made by soldiers to the trenches of the Western Front.

My career before becoming an MP was mostly in the advertising industry with M&C Saatchi. With Ed Vaizey, I established the Conservative Arts and Creative Industries Network, which for the last seven years has worked to bring the sector closer together with the Party. I am keen to see that culture and heritage outside London are promoted, and as Acting Chair I led a visit to North Staffordshire and Buxton, looking at the importance of funding and support for culture outside London as part of our ‘Countries of Culture’ inquiry.

I have played an active and vocal role in the debate surrounding the renewal of the BBC Royal Charter, ensuring that the recommendations of the Committee are included.

I have welcomed the Government's Digital Economy Bill. The creative economy in the UK is fast-paced, dynamic and world-leading. Tech businesses and tech hubs have been a part of the regeneration of many of our cities, and London is one of the most pre-eminent cities for technology and the digital economy in the world. The measures in the Bill are an effective response to the challenges of the growing digital economy and the need for increasingly better infrastructure to support businesses and homes up and down the UK.

Relevant interests declared

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society - advisory board member

Shepway Sports Trust - trustee

Payments received from HarperCollins publishers for my book published in June 2016, 'Charmed Life, the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon'


Nominated by (own party)

Mrs Maria Miller, Victoria Borwick, Sir Paul Beresford, Ben Howlett, Mr Shailesh Vara, Martin Vickers, Dr Poulter, Dame Caroline Spelman, Neil Parish, Mrs Flick Drummond, David T.C. Davies, Zac Goldsmith, Wendy Morton, Nick Boles, Dr Sarah Wollaston

Nominated by (other parties)

Mr Chuka Umunna, Stephen Twigg, Fiona Mactaggart, Dan Jarvis, Hywel Williams


I believe I have the necessary skills, experience and vision demanded by this role.  I’ve chaired many high level meetings, committees and negotiations and I also have the benefit of experience from both sides of select committee proceedings. If elected I promise to lead with unity, purpose and vigour.

I feel strongly that committee work should be collegiate and as non-partisan as possible.  To that end I will continue to build upon the good cross-party working relationships that I have established during my 6 years in Parliament.  The role of committees in holding the Government to account is a vital check and balance in our democracy.  You have my assurance that I will always challenge for the betterment of fairness, justice and the best interests of those whom we serve.

Relevant experience

  • Minister for Sport and Tourism 2013-2015
  • Minister for Women and Equalities 2012-2014
  • Minister for Justice 2012-13
  • Served on the Justice, International Development and CAEC committees
  • Legal aid lawyer for 23 years prior to becoming an MP


Sport is, and has always been, one of my life’s greatest loves.  As a young woman I represented my County in several sports and I have a deep understanding of the power of sport to change lives through the development of self-confidence and self-esteem.  Key issues for sport will be integrity, investment, innovation and governance.


Being married to a former professional musician and writer for 25 years has kept music and the arts at the centre of my family life.  I owned a successful video production company for several years, I have a longstanding personal interest in our film industry and attend theatre productions whenever possible.  In July 2016 I was a key note speaker at a Creative Access Parliamentary masterclass for young interns entering the creative industries.


I am familiar with the strategies and operations of Visit Britain and Visit England and understand the importance to the UK economy of the continued growth and sustainability of our tourism and hospitality sectors.  A priority here will be to monitor the strategy to increase inbound visitor numbers / spend not just in London but right across the Country, to give all of our Nations and regions a bigger share of the tourism economy.


For the last 6 years I have been engaged in a campaign in my constituency to improve mobile phone and broadband connectivity in rural areas.  This work has informed me well on the expansion of digital connectivity nationally.


Equality features highly on my personal agenda and permeates all aspects of culture, media and sport.  In that context over many months I have developed strong ongoing relationships with a wide range of organisations, charities and institutions to help drive the mission onwards and upwards.  In April this year I was the lead Conservative Member in the chamber debate on ‘Diversity at the BBC’ and continue to campaign for the inclusion of a robust ‘diversity clause’ within the new Charter.

Relevant interests declared

Patron of Women in Racing

Youth Sport Trust - Girls' Active Ambassador

Trustee of Social Mobility Foundation