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The Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee is holding an inquiry into the Private Rented Sector, focusing on the powers local authorities have to deal with 'rogue' landlords.

Your experience of 'rogue landlords'

The Committee set up this web forum to hear directly from people who have been affected by such landlords in the private rented sector and would like to share their stories. This will give us a good understanding of the challenges people face in the private rented sector and help us to focus our recommendations on the key issues.

If you have recently been affected by a 'rogue' landlord in the private rented sector and sought support from your local authority, we want to hear from you.

Send us your views

Specifically, we were interested in your answers to any of the following questions that apply to you:

  • Have you been affected by a 'rogue’ landlord? If so, what happened?
  • Did your letting agent deal with your complaint effectively?
  • Did your local authority support you effectively?
  • How could your local authority have supported you better?
  • If you could make one change to provide better protection for tenants in the private rented sector, what would it be?

For your information  

Please note that the CLG Committee is unable to provide direct support to individuals facing ongoing problems with their landlord and this forum should not be used to report urgent defects in your home.

If you require assistance in dealing with your landlord or in raising any issues that of are concern to you regarding your home, please contact your letting agent, local authority, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Your local MP may also be able to assist you or make representations on your behalf in some cases. You can find your local MP on our website.

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117 Responses to Private rented sector

Connor says:
January 28, 2018 at 02:48 PM
No central heating for four years and a rotten back door
Claire Thomson says:
January 28, 2018 at 12:45 PM
No heating for a year and a half, and several unfixed leaks which led to mould which would not clean off and instead would just spread itself around when wiped. Spent 3 weeks painting and cleaning and was told on check out that everything was fine except a few bits of wear and tear, was actually told the flat looked in better condition than before I moved in. Then they took all of my deposit to fix heating, mould, things they already knew about for years.
Zoe Kelly says:
January 28, 2018 at 11:53 AM
Lived in a property with cockroaches and mould. It was above a butchers including above their bins so suspected that cockroaches were coming in through the wall cavity. Landlord did send pest control a couple of times but the general attitude was that there was nothing they could do. The window in my bedroom was leaky and the wall was black with mould despite my efforts to clean it and ventilate the room. The landlord did absolutely nothing about it and barely responded.
Scott says:
January 28, 2018 at 11:28 AM
End of tenancy came we found a home more suited to our needs gave plenty notice left with minimal ware and tear. Landlady refuses to return deposit claims it’s to cover the time between us leaving and new starting also to update her decor from the 25year old carpets and furnishings claiming they was damaged
Dawn says:
January 28, 2018 at 09:45 AM
I have rented my home for nearly five years with one gas check in all that time, some of the windows refuse to open or shut, the bathroom floor caved in on my partner after a leak in the bath rotted the floor boards, my door to the property is rotting and lefts in a draft, our taps in the bath do not work so we use fgd shower to fill the bath, I have two children and iwe both work so pay full rent it’s disgusting
Thomas Nevitt says:
January 28, 2018 at 09:12 AM
I waited n entire year to get a front door lock and leaking toilet fixed. Luckily, I was reimbursed from the water company after paying £60 per month for a double occupied property.

The heating broke over October, November, December and January. Every time I called the office, they told me I was lying (basically) and that they'd already sent someone out. They didn't and after ringing many of times it finally got fixed.
Kane bacha says:
January 28, 2018 at 08:35 AM
When renting in leeds from a company called [company name redacted]
I was greater and treated nicely to start with once I moved in then problems started occurring in house they didn't fix things on time waited 4 weeks for a new shower head to be installed
They were then very rude to me and also wanted to charge me for carpet cleans evan though when moving in there already dirty, once my time was up and am ready to leave having 3 weeks left they book viewings for my house without letting me no turn up invited and let them selfs into ur house without u knowing and when questioning them about this there once again simply rude and hang up on me telling me they can and will come any time they want to the house to do viewing if I don't let them in I will be then charged a fee
Am absoulty shocked by this estate agency and by far one of the worst in leeds city centre avoid at all costs
Amy says:
January 28, 2018 at 08:26 AM
When I first moved to London I secured a room in a lower floor flat in a terraced house in Wood Green. The landlord had promised it would be freshly renovated, and when I arrived in the city he explained it wasn't ready and I had to stay in an awful b&b for 4 days before it was ready. When I moved in it was not renovated, just a fresh coat of paint. I was staying in a tiny room with a mattress on the floor, no heating, very often there was no hot water, and this was in the depths of winter. There were cockroaches everywhere and mice in the kitchen. I had to travel to my friends house in East Ham to use her shower. The landlords friends rented the living room and had lots of strange people over, often getting super high. As a young woman it was very very frightening to be at home but my complaints to the landlord fell on deaf ears.
This was £450 a month. After signing a contract for 6 months, at the 3 month mark he contacted us to tell us we had 2 weeks to move out as he was 'giving the house back to the original owner.' It was a blessing in disguise, and I never got back my £400 deposit. I ended up sleeping on my friends floor on an inflatable mattress for the next 8 months whilst I searched for somewhere else to live.

At the time I didn't know where to turn to, and even now I highly doubt this man would be looked at twice by the law, even though he was clearly a criminal in my eyes.

Renters have no protections, no safety, no rights. It's dead money we are throwing away only to live somewhere that normally wouldn't be fit for human habitation in the supposedly developed western world.

I'm very lucky that I got out and I now have a decent place to live, but lots of others have no other choice.
Gareth Jones says:
January 28, 2018 at 01:21 AM
I rented a property in Bolton greater Manchester a few years back the heating boiler broke down the glass from the windows literally fell out of the frame and when I complained to the land lord he did nothing until after adout a month of boiling water in pans and carrying it up the stairs to bathe my 2 children and bording up windows myself as well as buying calor gas heaters and electric heaters for my family this was in the midle of winter i rang enviromental health after which he came around with a few of his larger friends to attempt to intimidate me and my family whilst I lived there there was at least 8 visits by debt management officers for my land lord. when i did eventually find another home for my family he refused to give back our security deposit and attempted to intimidate me once more coming to the house again with his friends and threatening myself my partner and my 2 young children I was glad to be out of his house
Megan Glynn says:
January 28, 2018 at 12:13 AM
Moved into a private rental 1st December 2017. Repairs were agreed before we moved in and still have not been done. Letting agent takes forever to reply to emails. No aerial on property which we weren’t told about. Bath panel loose, toilet doesn’t flush properly, exposed wiring, cracks and stains in ceiling and walls, broken floor tiles, unable to use the garage at all as the door is warped and has come off the runners. Gas meter situated in garage so cannot give supplier accurate meter readings. Paying to rent a house with garage but can’t use it!! Patio door does not lock as dropped. Paid for another front door key to be cut and provided receipt as was told they would reimburse this. Still not been paid back. The list goes on!!!!