MPs take evidence on the Local Government Ombudsman and Procurement

02 December 2013

The Communities and Local Government Committee holds oral evidence sessions on the further review of the Local Government Ombudsman and  Local Government Procurement, its sixth, which is focusing on delivering and assessing value.


Monday 2 December 2013, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 4.20pm

  • Dr Jane Martin, Chairman of the Commission for Local Administration in England (the Local Government Ombudsman)
  • Michael King, Executive Director of the Commission for Local Administration in England.


Last year the Committee published a report on the performance of the Local Government Ombudsman. This evidence session is a chance to follow-up the Committee’s recommendations with the Ombudsman and to hear how the service will operate in future.

 5.15pm – delivering and assessing value

  • Mark Wardman, Senior Manager, Research, Audit Commission
  • Alan Bryce, Head of Counter-Fraud, Audit Commission
  • Keith Davis, Director, Cross-Government, National Audit Office.


In July the Committee launched an investigation into local government procurement with a focus on the extent to which the sector is delivering good value for money and meeting the objectives of local communities. This evidence session will consider the cost-effectiveness of current procurement approaches and audit arrangements.

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