MPs to investigate government decision to abolish the Audit Commission

09 November 2010

The abolition of the Audit Commission is one of the most far- reaching changes announced by the new Secretary of State. This inquiry will examine carefully the full implications for the accountability of local government likely to follow from this decision.

Launching the inquiry into the audit and inspection of local authorities, Communities and Local Government Committee Chair, Clive Betts MP, said:

" I expect the Committee will want to satisfy itself that the arrangements which will be put in place for auditing local government expenditure are effective, efficient and avoid any potential for conflicts of interest.


We will also be looking closely to ensure that the useful work which the Commission does through 'value-for-money' studies can be continued, for the good of local government as a whole.


We want to hear from all key stakeholders within and outside local government itself, for insights about the consequence of this decision and about the steps which will be necessary to ensure full and appropriate accountability for local authority expenditure in the future." 

Terms of reference

For this inquiry the committee will consider future arrangements in all the areas that previously fell within the responsibility of the Audit Commission, including:
  • Audit of local authority expenditure
  • Oversight and inspection of local authority performance
  • Value for money studies

Evidence is sought relating to both the principles involved and to the practical arrangements which should be put in place.

Further Information

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