Fiscal devolution to cities and city regions

23 January 2014

Committee to hold its first oral evidence session on fiscal devolution to cities and city regions at 5.15pm on Monday 27 January 2014

This is the first oral evidence session of the Committee's inquiry. The session will explore and test recent proposals to give cities and city regions greater powers to raise and spend money locally. Issues it will examine include: the economic case for fiscal devolution; how devolved areas would be set up; and how the devolved areas, including London, would be governed and held to account.


  • Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive, Centre for Cities submission 28
  • Jim O’Neill, Chair, RSA City Growth Commission submission 02
  • Professor Tony Travers, Chair, London Finance Commission submission 33

Further information

The session will be available to watch online: Parliament TV
Members of the public may attend the session: Visiting Parliament
A transcript of the session will be available on the website 3-4 days after the session: inquiry page
All other written submissions received can also be found on the inquiry page.
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