Clive Betts welcomes announcement of carbon monoxide review

06 November 2013

Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, has commented on the Government’s announcement, made this afternoon, of a review into the rules and regulations relating to carbon monoxide in rented homes.

Mr Betts said

"I am pleased the Government is listening to the Committee’s concerns about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Much more must be done to tackle the threat of the silent killer. Carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive and save lives. The Government should require all rented homes to be fitted with an audible, wired-up carbon monoxide detector wherever a relevant heating appliance is installed, as the Committee has recommended.

I also welcome Baroness Stowell’s commitment to consider the possibility of a requirement for electrical safety checks, as part of the Government’s wider review of safety in rented accommodation."

Notes for editors

  1. Baroness Stowell announced to the House of Lords on Wednesday 6 November that the Government would undertake a formal review of the rules and regulations relating to carbon monoxide alarms in rented homes and was considering the requirement for landlords to install carbon monoxide detectors.
  2. The CLG Committee made recommendations about the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in its 2012 report on Building Regulations (PDF 975 KB) and its July 2013 report on The Private Rented Sector (PDF 2.78 MB).
  3. Its Building Regulations report recommended that "Part J [of the Building Regulations] should [...] require audible, wired-up EN 50291-compliant carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted wherever a relevant heating appliance is installed in any new-build or existing homes."
  4. Its Private Rented Sector report recommended that "the Government introduce a requirement for all private rented properties to be fitted with a working smoke alarm and, wherever a relevant heating appliance is installed, an audible, wired-up EN 50291 compliant carbon monoxide alarm".
  5. The Private Rented Sector report also recommended "that the Government work with the electrical industry to develop an electrical safety certificate for private rented properties". Lord Tope referred to this recommendation in a question to the Minister this afternoon.

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