Communties and Local Government Committee to question Mary Portas

16 July 2013

High Streets: Ask Portas - Committee wants your questions for the Queen of Shops

On 2 September the Communities and Local Government Committee will question Mary Portas, known to many as the ‘Queen of Shops’, on her review into the future of high streets and the resulting Portas Pilots and Town Team Partners. What would you ask Mary? The Committee would like to know.


The Committee invites suggested questions for Mary Portas, to be submitted by midday on Tuesday 30 July. 

Submitting questions

Questions should be labelled ‘Questions for Mary Portas’, sent to attached in Word format and be accompanied by a covering email containing the name and contact details of the individual submitting the questions. 

Alternatively, submit your question via Twitter by adding the hashtag #AskPortas to your tweet. Tweets need to be received by 30 July too.

Before the session the Committee will look at all questions received and put key ones to Ms Portas.

Areas of interest

Areas of interest to the Committee include:

  • The Portas Review, its recommendations and what the Government has done in response;
  • Portas Pilots and Town Team Partners: progress and what they have achieved so far;What the future holds for high streets and town centres;
  • The impact of large out-of-town retail developments on town centres;
  • Bill Grimsey’s alternative review of High Streets.

The session with Mary Portas may inform a wider inquiry into the future of town centres later in the session. 

Further information

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