Committee hears from experts on housing for older people

13 November 2017

The Communities and Local Government Committee hears from experts and providers of specialist retirement housing as part of its inquiry in to housing for older people.

Provision of suitable accommodation

The session will question two panels of witnesses, the first on maintaining and adapting mainstream homes and age friendly homes, and the second on specialist retirement properties.

MPs are likely to ask about how mainstream homes are adapted and maintained for older people along with the demand for specialist housing, the planning process and the cost of moving.

The session is the second in the inquiry on housing for older people which is examining whether the housing on offer for this group of people is sufficiently available and suitable for their needs and, in doing so, consider how older people wish to live.

The Committee will take into account the context of significant housing shortages, rising numbers of older people and pressures on health and social care.

Full details of the inquiry are available to view ahead of the session.


Monday 13 November, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

At 4.00pm

Panel 1: (Maintaining and adapting mainstream homes and age friendly homes)

Panel 2: (Specialist retirement housing)

Further information

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