Audit and inspection of local authorities inquiry timeline

7 February 2011 - Oral evidence session

Evidence given by David Walker, Contributing Editor, Guardian Public, Professor David Heald, Professor of Accountancy, University of Aberdeen Business School, and Professor Steve Martin, Professor of Public Policy and Management and Director of the Centre for Local and Regional Government Research, University of Cardiff

7 March 2011 - Oral evidence session

Evidence given by Peter Holland, President, Chief Fire Officers Association, Peter Lacey, Audit and Accounts Adviser, National Association of Local Councils, Councillor Robert Light, Deputy Chairman, LG Group Executive, Local Government Association, Councillor Jill Shortland, Vice-Chair, Local Government Association Improvement Board, Councillor Peter Fleming, Leader, Sevenoaks District Council, District Councils Network, Councillor Roger Phillips, Leader, Herefordshire Council, Member of Management Committee, County Councils Network, Councillor Sharon Taylor, Leader, Stevenage Borough Council, District Councils Network, and Councillor Dave Wilcox, Former Cabinet Member for External Affairs, Derbyshire County Council, Member of Management Committee, County Councils Network.

14 March 2011 - Oral Evidence session

Simon Parker, Director, New Local Government Network, Jessica Crowe, Director, Centre for Public Scrutiny, and Ben Page, Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI; Michael O’Higgins, Chairman, Audit Commission, and Eugene Sullivan, Chief Executive, Audit Commission.

21 March 2011 - Oral evidence Session

Dai Hudd, Deputy General Secretary, Prospect, and Chris Round, Audit Commission Branch Chair, Prospect; Belinda Wadsworth, Strategy Adviser, Local and Regional Policy, Age UK, Rebecca Veasey, Policy Officer, Women’s Resource Centre, and Matthew Sinclair, Director, The TaxPayers’ Alliance; Paul O’Brien, Chief Executive, Association for Public Service Excellence, and Professor John Seddon, Managing Director, Vanguard Consulting

29 March 2011 - Oral Evidence Session

Nigel R Johnson, Deloitte, Gervase MacGregor, BDO LLP
Rakesh Shaunak, MHA; Gillian Fawcett, ACCA, Steve Freer, CIPFA, Vernon Soare, ICAEW; Paul George and Dame Barbara Mills, Financial Reporting Council

4 April 2011 - Oral Evidence session

Evidence given by Amyas Morse, Comptroller and Auditor General; and Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Minister for Housing and Local Government