Committee announces new inquiry into UK Trade and Investment with Brazil

29 March 2012

The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee today announces a new inquiry into UK-Brazil trade and investment.

Written evidence should be sent to the Committee's e-mail address at, preferably by close of business on Friday 20 April 2012.

Terms of reference are:

  • Is UK trade strategy for Brazil fit for purpose?
  • How to maintain the momentum of improving UK trade and investment with Brazil and improve market penetration
  • How to make the best of opportunities afforded by the Olympics handover
  • Follow-up on the Trade inquiry including performance of UKTI Strategic Relations Unit and Cabinet sub-Committee on trade and investment, improvements in exporting culture, matters relating to UKTI budget and staffing
  • Progress on the FCO Charter for Business
  • The extent of progress on the targets identified by UKTI and with UKTI outreach
  • The effectiveness of the Export Credit Guarantee Department
  • The role and effectiveness of the new Business Ambassadors and IP attachés including SME and sector representation
  • What evidence is there of successful actual UK Government support for UK businesses in Brazil?
  • Are bilateral trade cooperation bodies, such as the Brazil UKCEO Forum, adequately supported?
  • Are there crossover lessons to be learned from China or India—for instance with business councils?
  • Are business representative organisations supporting their members on export issues?
  • How can supply chain pull through be improved?
  • How do UK export growth targets for Brazil compare with those of major competitor economies?
  • Barriers to trade and investment with Brazil and how they can be addressed
  • Progress with EU-Mercosur and Doha negotiations
    • Progress at JETCO level
  • Is student business visa policy an issue?

A guide for written submissions to Select Committees may be found below: (PDF PDF 1.25 MB)

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