Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee

Automation and the Future of Work inquiry

Inquiry status: open

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Scope of the inquiry

BEIS Committee hold inquiry into automation and the future of work, looking at its likely impact on UK businesses and the potential it has for productivity, growth and reindustrialisation.

The inquiry will also consider the impact of automation on workers, and the potential benefits and choices for consumers.

Latest evidence

Next meeting(s)

30 April 2019 9:45 am

Oral Evidence Session

Automation and the future of work
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Kate Bell, Head of Rights, International, Social and Economics, Trades Union Congress
Lauren Crowley, Head of Equalities, Community
Ian Brinkley, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Professor Tony Dundon, Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester
Professor Tony Prescott, Director of Sheffield Robotics, University of Sheffield
Professor David M Lane, Director, Edinburgh Centre for Robotics
Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), Imperial College London


The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

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