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04 November 2010

The Backbench Business Committee will meet in public on Mondays at 4pm in Committee Room 8 to hear representations from Members for subjects to be debated in backbench time. The next meeting will be on Monday 8 November.

The Backbench Business Committee has 35 days per year available to debate matters of interest to backbenchers (27 on the floor of the House, the rest in Westminster Hall). This time is allocated to the Backbench Business Committee by the Government on an ad hoc basis but has, until now, usually been restricted to Thursdays.

We are expecting further backbench time to be made available by the Government’s business managers in November and December and we would like to hear from Members who have a topic they would like to have debated.

Members who wish to speak at this session are invited to contact the Committee by email at An information sheet can be found below, which we invite Members to fill in to give us some details of the request.

Members who made representations at previous sessions do not need to appear again, but it would be helpful if they could indicate by email whether they still wish their suggestion to be considered for debate. The Committee will also consider requests in writing from Members who are unable to attend the public session.

The transcript and webcast of previous sessions can be found on the Committee’s website at:

 For further information, email or speak to a member of the Committee: Natascha Engel (Chair), Mr Peter Bone, Philip Davies, Jane Ellison, John Hemming and Mr Philip Hollobone.

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