Seminar on e-petitions

02 February 2012

The Backbench Business Committee is holding a seminar on 6 March to consider the handling of e-petitions. The seminar is by invitation only, but written submissions on how the House might deal with e-petitions are invited. Submissions should be sent to the Committee by 20 February 2012.

Before the end of the session, the Backbench Business Committee will publish a report, summarising the work and experiences of the Committee since its formation in June 2010 and including recommendations to the review of its operation which the House has ordered and which the Procedure Committee is expected to undertake. As part of this report, the Committee will look at its experience of the e-petitions process.

A copy of the submission should be sent by e-mail to and should have ‘E-petitions reform' in the subject line. Submission should be sent to the Backbench Business Committee by Monday 20 February 2012

If you have any queries about the submission contact the Backbench Business Committee on 020 7219 3754 or

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