Arrangements for pre-recess adjournment debate

20 December 2010

The Backbench Business Committee has received notice from 51 MPs that they wish to take part in the full day pre-Christmas debate on Tuesday 21 December. Watch and listen to the debate on Parliament TV or read the debate in Commons Hansard.

The Committee has grouped these MPs and subjects into six parts, as follows:

  • Cabinet Office
  • Health
  • Education
  • Treasury
  • Communities and Local Government
  • General Debate

For the first five parts, up to seven MPs have indicated they want to raise subjects for which the department is responsible.

A Minister from the relevant department will be invited to respond to the issues raised.

The final part of the debate will include MPs who wish to raise other subjects, including subjects which are the responsibility of departments for which fewer than four MPs had submitted a request.

The Deputy Leader of the House is expected to reply to this general debate. The Committee expects each MP to receive a substantive written reply from the department to the points raised unless they are dealt with fully in the Deputy Leader of the House’s reply.

The names of those MPs who have indicated to the Committee that they wish to raise a subject within the responsibilities of those departments are listed below. The speaking order within each group will be decided by the occupant of the Chair on the day.

The Committee recommends that the time available on the day should be divided evenly between the 51 MPs who have applied to take part in these debates.

Each of the first five parts should take less than an hour, leaving up to two hours for the general debate at the end. Backbench MPs should expect to speak for about six minutes and Ministers for not more than 10 minutes.

Shadow Ministers are not expected to respond to the debate. MPs are expected to attend throughout the debate for which they are grouped.

A full list of the MPs, who have applied to speak and the subjects they wish to raise, is available in the Arrangements for Pre-recess Adjournment Debate: Tuesday 21 December (PDF PDF 249 KB).

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