New meeting time for Backbench Business Committee

11 January 2011

From 18 January, the Backbench Business Committee will meet in public on Tuesdays at 1pm in Committee Room 8 to hear representations from Members of Parliament for subjects to be debated in backbench time.

This is a change from the Committee’s previous meeting time on Mondays. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 18 January. The Committee is expecting further backbench time to be made available by the Government’s business managers in January and February both in the Chamber and in Westminster Hall and would like to hear from Members who have a topic they wish to have debated.

Members who intend to speak at a session are invited to contact the Committee by email at . An application form is available on our website which we invite Members to fill in to give us some details of the request. The Committee will consider requests in writing from Members who are unable to attend the public session.

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