New format for pre-recess adjournment debate on Tuesday 21 December

29 November 2010


The Backbench Business Committee has decided to try a different format for the full day pre-Christmas debate on Tuesday 21 December, with the aim of providing a better structure for the debate and an improved response from the Government to the concerns raised by Members.

Members are invited to apply for one of up to 30 opportunities to speak on a subject of their choice for no more than 10 minutes, specifying from which government department they would like a response.

As with adjournment debates, successful applications will be drawn at random until all available slots are filled.

Speeches will then be grouped into subject areas and the relevant Minister invited to respond to the issues raised.

Members should apply to the Table Office to speak in the debate. The deadline for applications is 3pm on Monday 13 December.


The Backbench Business Committee has 35 days per year available to debate matters of interest to backbenchers. This includes the last day before each recess, which has traditionally been used for a general debate on any subject of interest to Members.

More information on the work of the Backbench Business Committee can be found on the Committee’s website at: by emailing or by speaking to a member of the Committee: Natascha Engel (Chair), Mr Peter Bone, Philip Davies, Jane Ellison, John Hemming, Mr Philip Hollobone, Ian Mearns and Mr George Mudie.

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