Housing in London to be debated on 5 May

27 April 2011

The Backbench Business Committee is responsible for scheduling debates on 35 days during the current session, at least 27 of which will be debates in the main Chamber of the House of Commons, with the remainder to be taken in Westminster Hall.

The Committee has determined that the following business will take place in backbench time:

Thursday 5 May in the Chamber

General debate on social housing in London (Member in charge: Jeremy Corbyn).

The Committee was told that a debate on social housing needs in London would be timely in the light of current proposals for changes to the administration of local housing allowance and that many Members representing constituencies in London would wish to take part.


Thursday 5 May in Westminster Hall

General debate.

The Committee has allocated this time to a general debate in which Members may raise any issue. The Leader of the House will respond to the issues raised at the end of the session.

Members wishing to provide advance notice of the subject they intend to raise  during this session should email the Backbench Business Committee at by the rise of the House on Tuesday 3 May.   

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