Chamber Debates on Metal Theft and Iran

02 February 2012

The Backbench Business Committee is responsible for scheduling debates on 35 days during the current session, at least 27 of which will be debates in the main Chamber of the House of Commons, with the remainder to be taken in Westminster Hall.

The Committee has determined that the following business will take place in backbench time:

Thursday 7 February in the Chamber

Motion relating to Metal Theft (Members in charge: Chris Kelly, Graham Jones and Mr Robin Walker) (up to three hours).

The Backbench Business Committee heard this was a topical issue of public concern.

Monday 20 February in the Chamber

Motion relating to Iran (Members in charge: Mr John Baron, Mr Bob Ainsworth and Mr Elfyn Llwyd)

The Backbench Business Committee heard this was a matter of national interest which Members across the House would wish to debate.

The Committee also heard representations from:

  • Stephen Mosley, Mrs Louise Ellman, Steve Rotheram, and Bill Esterson for a debate on the death of Kevin Williams at the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. This issue has been subject of an e-petition which has received in excess of 10,000 signatures. The Committee indicated that given the shortage of backbench time available the Members might wish to pursue the option of applying for an adjournment debate and that they would communicate the request to the Speaker’s Office.
  • Andrea Leadsom, Thomas Docherty, Chris Heaton-Harris, and George Eustice for a debate on UK Regional Policy and European Union Structural Funds. The Committee heard this was a matter of nationwide interest, involving substantial taxpayer funds, which would be of interest to Members across the House.
  • Grahame Morris and Steve McCabe for a general debate on the professional, clinical and public opinion on government reforms to the NHS.
  • Charles Walker and Nicky Morgan for a debate on mental health.

The Committee has yet to receive a representation from a Member of Parliament regarding the following e-petition (which has exceeded 100,000 signatures): Public & Private Pension Increases – change from RPI to CPI. The Committee can consider any subject for debate, including those raised in e-petitions or national campaigns but an MP must go before the Committee to make the case for their consideration.

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