Backbench debates for 3 April 2014

31 March 2014

Following its public meeting on 25 March, the Backbench Business Committee has scheduled Backbench debates for Thursday 3 April.

The Committee has determined that the following business will take place in backbench time:

Thursday 3 April in the Chamber

  • Launch of Work and Pensions Committee Fourth Report ‘Support for housing costs in the reformed welfare system’, HC 720 (Member in charge: Dame Anne Begg, Chair of Work and Pensions Committee) (up to 20 minutes)
  • Debate on a motion relating to sanctioning of benefit recipients (Member in charge: Mr Michael Meacher)
  • General debate on Civil Service Reform (Member in charge: Mr Bernard Jenkin)

Thursday 3 April in Westminster Hall

  • General debate on Incapacity Benefit migration (Member in charge: Sheila Gilmore)

Bids for debate received at the 25 March meeting

At its public meeting on Tuesday 25 March, the Committee heard, in addition to the bid from Sheila Gilmore, representations from the following:

  • Annette Brooke for a debate on the gap in achievement in reading between poorer children and their better off peers. 

Backbench Business Committee – meeting time

The next meeting of the Backbench Business Committee will take place at 3pm on Tuesday 1 April.

Further Information

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