Backbench debates announced for 10 October 2013

10 September 2013

Following its public meeting on Tuesday 10th September, the Committee has determined the backbench business for Thursday 10th October.

Thursday 10 October in the Chamber

  • Debate on a motion relating to improving levels of adult literacy and numeracy (Members in charge: Caroline Dineage, Gordon Birtwistle and Robin Walker)
  • General debate on funding for local authorities (Members in charge: Neil Parish, Nick Harvey, Robin Walker)

The debate on free school meals, originally scheduled for 10 October, has been cancelled.

Representations received

At its public meeting on Tuesday 10 September, the Committee heard, in addition to the bid for a debate on free school meals, representations from:

  •  Robert Halfon, Nic Dakin, Jim Shannon, Graham Stuart and Dr Julian Lewis for a debate on free school meals. This was originally scheduled for debate on 10 October but has now been cancelled.
  • Laurence Robertson, Anne Main and Nick Herbert for a debate on planning, housing supply and the countryside
  • Frank Doran, Margaret Ritchie, Jim Shannon and Sheryll Murray for a debate on the fishing industry
  • Alex Cunningham and Bob Blackman for a debate on standardised packaging of tobacco products.


The Committee can consider any subject for debate, including those raised in e-petitions or national campaigns but an MP must go before the Committee to make the case for their consideration.

Backbench Business Committee – meeting time

The next Backbench Business Committee meeting will take place on Tuesday 8th October. Due to the House adopting Monday sitting hours on Tuesday 8th October, the Committee will meet at 3.30pm.

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