MPs' induction has come on leaps and bounds, but digital focus needed

20 March 2017

The Administration Committee finds that the support for new as well as returning Members has come on 'leaps and bounds' over the last few parliaments, and recommends a continued customer focus and an increased utilisation of digital tools.

Election planning and services

In its report on election planning and services, the House of Commons Administration Committee recommends that the House Service should focus on better digital and online tools for Members. As well as providing information on procedures and services as and when Members need it, the tools should help new Members to find their way around the Parliamentary Estate.

Other key recommendations of the report include:

  • To explore the development of a centralised HR support service for Members' staff.
  • To reissue key guidance documents at intervals to extend their use.
  • To develop a programme of Members' Professional Development.
  • To create an induction programme for Members' staff.
  • To make existing services known and accessible to Members' staff based in constituencies.
  • To work with IPSA and the political parties to provide clear guidance to Members regarding dissolution.
  • IPSA to set up a dedicated enquiries line for new Members following the next election.

Chair's comment

Sir Paul Beresford, Chair of the Administration Committee, said:

"It is remarkable how far the House Service has come in the past 20 years in welcoming new Members. However, the report has also highlighted some key areas we need to focus on for the 2020 General Election to improve communications with Members and their staff and to introduce digital tools to improve the accessibility of the superb services offered to MPs.

The House Service will also need to ensure that the information and guidance on security (both physical and cyber) in place for all Members in 2020 reflects the altered security environment in which we all now operate. I look forward to seeing how the General Election Planning Group and the wider House Service takes forward these recommendations."

Further information

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