Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

The Rt Hon. the Lord Hunt of Kings Heath OBE
Philip Alexander Hunt
20 October 1997

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The Rt Hon. the Lord Hunt of Kings Heath OBE


House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW

Tel: 020 7219 2030

Email: contactholmember@parliament.uk

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Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

Self-employed consultant on NHS and wider health issues, t/a Philip Hunt Consultancy

Consultant and Trainer, Eden & Partners (formerly Cumberlege Connections Ltd) (NHS leadership/awareness programmes)

President, GS1 UK (an independent, not-for-profit organisation that allocates a unique prefix for users to create bar codes for their products)

Category 8: Gifts, benefits and hospitality

As a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group the Member attends regular breakfast meetings at which the value of the hospitality received over the course of a calendar year exceeds the registration threshold of £140

The Member has received pro bono legal advice from David Lock QC about Accountable Care Organisations in the NHS (2 November 2017)

Category 9: Miscellaneous financial interests

My daughter and brother-in-law have interests in organisations which receive grants from or have contracts with government departments and other public bodies; my brother-in-law owns Happy Computers, which also trades as Happy Ltd, and is paid by Parliament and government departments for training programmes; my step-son is a partner in an IT company, Pen Test Partners LLP which works in the public and private sectors; they have a number of contracts with parliament and various government departments either directly or through system integration companies; Member's wife started on Monday 28 July 2014 as an associate consultant at the Education and Training Foundation (Foundation was funded by a grant from the former Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, now funded by Department for Education) and is working on a project at ETF directly funded by DfE to support the Prevent Duty for the training and education sector)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (d)

Vice President, West Midlands Labour Finance & Industry Group

President, British Fluoridation Society

Patron, Co-Gas Safety (a campaigning organisation)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)

Member, Living Streets (national charity)

President, Royal Society of Public Health

President, Health Care Supply Association (purchasing/supply network across UK, with a range of educational programmes)

President, Asian Guild (celebrating the contribution of Asian people to UK)

Trustee, Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Trustee, Foundation for Liver Research

President, Hospital Caterers Association