Lord Deben

The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben
John Selwyn Gummer
21 June 2010

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The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben


House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW

Tel: 020 7219 5353

Fax: 020 7219 5979

Email: contactholmember@parliament.uk

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Category 1: Directorships

Chairman, Sancroft International Ltd (consultants in corporate responsibility and environmental, social, ethical and planning issues; payments made for certain work done by the Member in category 2 are made to Sancroft International Ltd)

Non-executive Chairman, Valpak Holdings Limited and Valpak Limited (organisation for compliance with producer responsibility directives)

Director and Chairman, Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) (formerly Association of Professional Financial Advisers and Association of Independent Financial Advisers)

Non-executive Director, Catholic Herald (newspaper) (interest ceased 20 February 2019)

Non-executive Director, Castle Trust Capital plc (housing investment and mortgage company) and of its subsidiaries Castle Trust Capital Management Limited and Castle Trust Capital Nominees Limited

Non-executive Director, Tristan Fitzgerald Associates (local planning issues and stakeholder engagement) (interest ceased 22 January 2019)

Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

Income from articles written for: Catholic Herald, Country Life, Estates Gazette (interest ceased 14 May 2019), Planning (interest ceased 14 May 2019) and The Guardian (interest ceased 14 May 2019)

Income from chairing conferences

The subjects of the above two interests are usually property, sustainable development and religious issues. The commitments arise largely from my previous profession of journalism and all payments go to Sancroft International Ltd (see category 1) which provides research staff, information services and all other facilities

Chairman, Committee on Climate Change

Chairman, Advisory Board, 2 Degrees (aids sustainable efficiency and growth for members and corporations by enabling fully-linked collaboration (on and offline))

Chairman, Nestle Health and Wellness Advisory Group (interest ceased 14 May 2019)

Advice on sustainability and planning to Everton Football Club

Advice on sustainability and planning to Chartplan Ltd (developers)

Advice on sustainability and planning to Frogmore Ltd (developers)

Advice on sustainability and planning to Salmon Harvester Ltd (developers)

Advice on sustainability and planning to ISec Group (developers)

Category 3: Person with significant control of a company (PSC)

Cool Earth Action

Sancroft International Ltd

Category 4: Shareholdings (a)

Sancroft International Ltd (consultancy; as above)

Category 4: Shareholdings (b)

Valpak Limited (environmental compliance)

Category 5: Land and property

A residential and commercial property in London, owned by family

A house and farmland in Suffolk

Category 10: Non-financial interests (a)

Member, Board of Directors, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Member, TerraVia Food Advisory Board (US) (formerly Solazyme Inc Food & Nutrition Board (US)) (no remuneration is received but the Member has share options) (interest ceased 14 May 2019)

Category 10: Non-financial interests (d)

Trustee and Director, Blue Marine Foundation

Category 10: Non-financial interests (e)

Special Adviser on Climate Change, UN Global Compact (interest ceased 14 May 2019)

Trustee, Christian Heritage Centre, Stonyhurst

President, Apparel Innovation Consortium Association

Trustee and Director, Cool Earth Action

Chairman of Place-Based Climate Action Network advisory group

Member, Food and Drink Sector Council