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ParliCare is a Workplace Equality Network (WEN) which aims to raise awareness of and support for all staff and Members of both Houses of Parliament with caring challenges.

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Across the country there are 6.5 million people who are carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill, and many more that are juggling work with providing care for children.

Many of us are stretched to the limit: juggling care with work and family life, or even struggling with poor health ourselves. ParliCare seeks to support all staff and Members with this growing caring challenge. There is a growing recognition of the importance of supporting all carers both as an end to itself and to ensure that both Houses of Parliament are able to foster and retain the talents of all of their staff. ParliCare will help the administrations of both Houses rise to that challenge.

ParliCare is part of the UK Carers Network and Employers for Carers, meaning Members and staff of both houses can access additional support and guidance.

Our objectives

  • Raise awareness of issues related to caring in Parliament
  • Create a supportive and inclusive environment
  • Promote equality of opportunity for carers

What will ParliCare do?

The ParliCare community aims to create a supportive environment for people with any caring challenge by:

  • signposting support services for carers in Parliament and outside
  • creating informal networks of carers for sharing experiences and coping strategies
  • identifying, and working to remove, barriers to opportunities for staff and raising awareness of issues related to providing care and balancing work

Part of this work will include promoting the support framework provided via the Employee Assistance Programme, Work + Family Space, and the Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service.

ParliCare will collaborate with other WENS, relevant charities, trusts, and subject matter experts.

To get involved in ParliCare's work please email

Eligibility and joining

Membership is open to anyone with a Parliamentary pass who supports the missions and objectives of the network.

To become a member and help us support you with your caring challenge, please email

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