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Meet the Role Models

The role models have been selected because they display the following behaviours and values:

Visible champion

A person who has visibly championed equality, diversity and inclusion (e.g. encouraging people to achieve their best through being themselves; supported flexible working practices; supported those with caring responsibilities; doing things differently; and doing the right thing-not just doing things right).

Positive difference

Someone who has made a positive difference to people/organisations (both internally and/or externally).


Someone who is generous with their time and expertise, sharing their experiences and good practice (rather than imposing their views).


A person who is self-reflective and demonstrates self-awareness of how attitudes and behaviours can impact on others.


Someone who is authentic and consistent, who knows what their values are and aligns them with how they act in order to inspire others to be themselves at work and to be the best that they can be.

This campaign will run over the next two years so that we can ensure that our role models remain visible and active in embedding role model behaviours across the organisation, including supporting the aims of the Workplace Equality Networks.