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ParliAble is a Workplace Equality Network (WEN) in support of disabled Members and Peers, their staff, staff of both Houses, and others who work on the Parliamentary Estate. ParliAble is open to both those who consider themselves to have a disability and those who have an interest in supporting disabled people.


ParliAble's Objectives:

 · To provide a safe and supportive network, open to all users of the Parliamentary estate.

· To offer a sign-post service to anyone who requires support and advice on any disability or health condition issue related to them.

· To reflect and express the views of our members - to those responsible for Diversity and Inclusion in both Houses, and to Members of both Houses, as appropriate.

· To provide a variety of events on a regular basis, including social events, which meet the needs and wishes of our members.

· To organise and run a range of campaigns that raise awareness of particular issues, as well as helping to resolve them.

· To support the improvement of accessibility across the Parliamentary Estate for the widest range of people.


Staff of both Houses, Members' and Peers' staff, and contractors' staff are welcome to join the network or participate in events and activities - as indeed are Members and Peers.

Membership is not restricted to people with disabilities, although those involved are required to respect the aims of the Network.

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