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The House of Commons Apprenticeship Scheme

    UK Parliament is the home of our country's democracy, with the House of Commons and House of Lords examining and challenging the work of the government through questioning ministers and debating and passing new laws. Working at Parliament is an exciting and rewarding career, with people in a huge range of varied job roles helping to support and improve our democratic system.

    UK Parliament is based in the heart of Westminster in Central London and employs over 3,000 staff in roles such as Security, Education, Communications, Committees, Retail, Maintenance, HR, Finance, Catering, and many more.

    Our apprenticeships are in Team Leading, Business Administration, Property Maintenance, Electricians, Plumbers, Events Assistant, Digital, HR, Finance and lots more.

    We don't run cohorts as we have so many unique and exciting roles at the House of Commons, our apprentices join teams on a more individual basis.

    What our Apprentices say

    “When I first heard the word Parliament all I thought was ‘politics'. Even now if I tell someone I work at Parliament they're like ‘… so you're an MP?' But there are so many more departments other than anything to do with politics, so many opportunities here.” Diina – Project Support Officer

    “I thought I wouldn't relate to the people I was working with, that I'd stick out like a sore thumb. It's not been like that at all.

    Literally anyone you could think of – there's someone working here like that. There are so many open-minded people, and even if it's not someone who is directly working with you, you know where to find them. You know they'll support you.” Reychelle – Duties Planner.

    For more information and to view and apply for current vacancies in the House of Commons and receive notifications of the latest vacancies please visit the: House of Commons Careers website