The Work of Parliament

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Select Committees in the House of Lords: Video series

Lords Select Committees investigate a broad range of issues and publish their findings in reports.

The House of Commons Chamber

Watch our new film about the House of Commons Chamber, what it does and how it works for people across the UK

Select Committees in the House of Commons

Watch our short film to find out about the work and role of Commons select committees

Private members bills

Find out what a Private Members' Bill is and hear interviews with Members of Parliament about their experiences of introducing them

24-hour media: Parliament, politics and the public

Lord Soley turns the tables on Nick Robinson, the BBC's political correspondent, quizzing him on the impact of 24-hour media on politics, parliamentarians and the public's perception of Parliament.

Beyond the Chambers

Features interviews with Norman Baker MP, Karen Buck MP, Lord Norton of Louth and Lord Dholakia.

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