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Find out what MPs, Peers, parliamentary researchers and leading industry figures have to say about biofuels and climate change

Counterfeit Medicine

In this podcast, Chandy Nath and Sarah Bunn from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) discuss what a counterfeit medicine is, the risks they pose and how the government and industry are working to tackle this problem.

Robotics Podcast

MPs, Peers and robotics experts talk about the potential for intelligent robots to transform society and finds out what ethical challenges they foresee.

The flip side of scientific freedom

In this podcast we look at the "dual-use dilemma", when the same scientific work can be used to do good or be misused.

Regenerative Medicine

In this podcast we learn about the prospects for regenerative medicine - a new approach to the treatment of illnesses caused by damaged or diseased tissues or organs.

The science of short term thinking

In this podcast we look at how short term thinking affects all aspects of our lives, from our own health right through to global issues like climate change.

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