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Parliamentary Outreach podcasts

Access podcasts dealing with Parliament's outreach work.

Interview with Mr Speaker
Watch an interview with Mr Speaker where he answers questions posed by members of the public.

Youth Parliament debates in Commons
In this recording we hear from Young MPs, Andy Hamflett Chief Executive of UK Youth Parliament, MPs and the Speaker, John Bercow about the events on the day and what they mean to young people and Parliament.

Voicebox in Parliament
In this podcast we listen to volunteers and experts from the National Young Volunteers Service talking about their Voicebox project a modern day twist on writing to your MP.

Connecting with Communities exhibition
In this podcast Jude Crocker, from the Parliament Web Team, speaks to the curator and contributors to the People and Parliament: Connecting with Communities exhibition.

Parliamentary Outreach - Breaking Barriers
Rebecca Fawcett, from Parliamentary Outreach, talks to the artist Rachel Gadsden about the Breaking Barriers project.

Connecting Parliament with the public
Lord Renton of Mount Harry, Chairman of the Lords Information Committee, talks about the information services Parliament and the House of Lords provide for the public.

Podcast on Parliament's services for the public
John Pullinger, the Commons Librarian and Director General of Information Services, talks about the information services Parliament provides for the general public.