Women in Parliament Workshops

We offer free workshops and presentations especially for women and women’s groups across the UK.

Each session can be delivered either as a one hour talk or as a two hour workshop with interactive activities.

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Empowering Women – Discover the UK Parliament

How do national decisions affect you? Find out why this is important and how you can influence the UK Parliament and get your voice heard. Discover the difference between the UK Parliament and Government. Find out all this and more with this introductory session specially tailored to women and women’s groups.

Calling All Women! Get Heard in the UK Parliament

How do you get an issue onto the UK Parliament’s agenda? How can you turn your ideas into legislation? What does it take to influence government policy? Find out with this practical session packed with real-world tips and advice on campaigning, specially tailored to women and women’s groups.

From Suffragettes and Beyond - Discover the History of Women and the Vote

Be inspired by the fascinating story of how women won the vote, from the earliest petitions and protests to the direct action of the Suffragettes and beyond. Find out when women sat in the Lords and what they did when they got there. Discover the changes introduced by early women pioneers. Find out about Vote 100 commemorations planned for 2018 and how you can get involved now.

Women in Parliament - Take it Further

Are you an experienced campaigner? Perhaps you’ve already attended some of our other Women in Parliament sessions? Maybe you work in research as a student, academic, civil servant or in the private sector. This session will help you take skills in expert campaigning and research to the next level. You will learn how to make the most of the resources available on www.parliament.uk, including MPs and Peers, briefing papers, reports and recommendations. You’ll also discover how to seek input from other national and international bodies and NGOs such as the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament, Fawcett Society and UN women.

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Train the Trainer: Women in Parliament

You can empower others by getting trained to deliver Women in Parliament workshops for women’s groups. On this one day course you will gain the skills and resources to help women play their part in the UK Parliament.

Find out dates and locations of upcoming Women in Parliament Train the Trainer courses: 

Please note that all places on the course are awarded via an application process.

For further information about the course or the application process, email outreach@parliament.uk


Positive outcomes: case studies

  • Nottingham Women's Centre sent two staff members to attend our Train-the-Trainer course. They held a year of campaigning including leading a 2 day training course for local women in partnership with us and using our resources.
    The women on the course and other women from Nottingham visited Parliament where they learnt more about the history of women and the vote from the parliament outreach team who also arranged a Suffragette tour of Westminster.
    Using the train the trainer resources and all they had learned from their visit, Nottingham Women’s Centre felt more able to help women from across the City to understand how decisions made at Parliament affect them, and how they can try to influence those decisions.
    Their year of campaigning has led to the Centre establishing a Policy and Campaigns working group and programme of activities to continue to support women to engage in democracy.
  • Women’s organisations in the West Midlands including Saheli, Women of Wolverhampton (WOW) and Black Women in Politics have held Women in Parliament workshops.  Saheli brought a group of women from Birmingham to visit Parliament they had a Suffragette tour and met with their MP to raise issues important to them.
  • In June 2015 the Lord Speaker delivered a talk in Birmingham on women and democracy.  Following this visit she invited leaders of the women's groups who she met to visit her in the House of Lords. Leaders of these groups met with other members of the House of Lords and were able to discuss issues of concern to the women that they work with.

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Vote 100

We're celebrating 100 years since Parliament passed a law which allowed some women, and all men, to vote for the first time. Find out how to get involved.

Who have we worked with?

Organisations that Parliament's Education and Engagement Service has worked with to deliver sessions for women include:

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