Women and equality in Parliament

Workplace Equality Networks

Workplace Equality Networks have been established at Parliament and are open to all pass-holders in the Commons and Lords.

Report: Women in the House of Commons

Report of an inquiry by the Women and Equalities Committee into the impact on female representation of having fewer parliamentary constituencies.

APPG report: Improving Parliament

In 2014, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament produced their report: Improving Parliament - creating a better and more representative House.

Speaker's Conference on Parliamentary Representation

The Speaker's conference looked at the reasons why women, ethnic minorities and disabled people are all under-represented in the House of Commons.

Measuring the Gender Gap

  • World Economic Forum report

    The World Economic Forum has introduced a framework for measuring gender-based disparities in countries across the world and tracking their progress.

    Read the Global Gender Gap Report 2016.

  • European Institute for Gender Equality

    In June 2015, the European Institute for Gender Equality updated the European Union Gender Equality Index. The Index measures the gender gap in all member states of the EU.

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