Registration Forms for APPGs


Form to register an APPG

In any given parliament, a group can only be added to the Register of APPGs once it has held an Inaugural Meeting to elect its officers then completed the Registration Form for APPGs (DOCX DOCX 89 KB).  This applies equally to groups that existed before the 2019 general election and groups that did not.

Income and Expenditure Statement

All groups ceased to exist when Parliament was dissolved on 6 November 2019 and must start as new groups after the general election. This alters their reporting year, which will start on  the date of the group's Inaugural Meeting of the new Parliament and end a year from that date.

At the end of its first reporting year of the new Parliament, any group which has received more than £12,500 in money or in kind during that period must complete an Income and Expenditure Statement (DOCX DOCX 40 KB) form.  See the form for full details.

Form to register an AGM

In any given parliament, once a group has held its Inaugural Meeting and been added to the Register of APPGs it must hold an AGM at the end of each reporting year during that parliament. The reporting year starts on  the date of the group's Inaugural Meeting of the new Parliament and ends a year from that date. To register the result of an AGM complete the Registering the Result of an AGM Form (DOCX DOCX 59 KB).