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Registration Forms for APPGs


Inaugural Meeting

All APPGs cease to exist when Parliament is dissolved and after a general election no group is included on the Register of APPGs until it has held an Inaugural Meeting to elect its officers then completed the Registration Form for APPGs.  This applies equally to groups that existed before the general election and groups that did not. Do not use this form to register an AGM.

AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Once a group has held its Inaugural Meeting and been added to the Register of APPGs it must hold an AGM at the end of each reporting year. The group's reporting year starts on the date of its Inaugural Meeting and ends a year from that date. The AGM must not be held before the end of its reporting year.

To register the result of an AGM complete the Registering the Result of an AGM Form.  Do not use this form to register the group's Inaugural Meeting.

Income and Expenditure Statement

If in any reporting year a group receives more than £12,500 in money or in kind it must complete an Income and Expenditure Statement for that year, for approval at the group's AGM. 

EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting)

The usual reason for EGMs is to elect one or more officers if this needs to be done before the annual elections held at the group's AGM.

There is no form to register EGMs. Please simply email stating the date of the EGM and any changes required to the group's entry on the Register as a result of the EGM. For example, the name and role (eg Vice-Chair) of any newly elected officers.

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