Find out who's in the House of Lords.

For a brief description of:

  • the changing membership
  • the different categories of members
  • the routes by which members are appointed to the House
  • the process of becoming a member, Letters Patent and Writ of Summons 

Alphabetical and party membership lists are available in MPs, Lords and Offices.

Information on the composition of the House of Lords is available in Lords by party and type of peerage.

Information on changes to membership can be found on the list of members.

Recent stories on House of Lords Members are available from Parliament news.  

Further information on members is available from the House of Lords information office.


Lords Digital Chamber

Connect with members of the Lords on the Lords Digital Chamber - a website featuring social media feeds from peers and political groups.

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What Lords don't do:

  • represent constituencies
  • get involved in taxation
  • draw a salary (except for some office holders)