6 October 1823 letter, page 1

6 October 1823 letter, page 1
  • Title: Letter from A C Wright to his cousin

  • Date : 1823

  • Catalogue number : Kent History & Library Centre U194/C5/5/5

  • Description :

    After returning to London following a visit to his cousin, who lived near Maidstone, A. C. Wright sent back an account of his journey  He took 9 hours to travel from Maidstone to Margate, and anther 12 hours to get from Margate to London by steam ship. 

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  • Transcript:

    London 6 October 1823

    My dear Cousin,

    I now write you a few lines to give you an outline of my Journey.  I arrived at Maidstone about 9 O’Clock, where I waited until 10 O’Clock and went by the Chanticleer Coach to Chatham, Burch’s Coach set off from Maidstone ½ an hour before us, we however passed them on the Road, about half way between Maidstone and Chatham, and we arrived at Chatham about 11 O’Clock, Burch’s was about ½ an hour after us.  We came a different Road for we did not go through Rochester.  It rained just after I had set off from Maidstone.  When we got to Chatham I went into the Globe Tavern and stayed for a short time.  I had not then determined where I should go, however about ¼ before 12 O’Clock the Margate Coach

    To read more, please see page 2. 

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