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Transport of animals

The railway became extensively used for transporting animals. 

Marden station had dedicated sidings for animals, and there was a route leading straight from Marden market which was used for loading and unloading livestock bought and sold at the market.

The group found references to the transport of horses by railway in the travelling accounts of the Earl of Cornwallis.

Earl of Cornwallis's travelling accounts

In the Evidence to the Opposed Bill Committee a local farmer, William Knox Child, gave evidence that currently cattle and sheep are walked to London where they are butchered and sold.  During the course of their journey they lose weight and quality.  

Evidence to House of Commons committee on the transport of animals

The group also found frequent references to railway charges in the farming accounts of Joseph Carpenter, who had a farm at Collier Street in Marden.  His accounts regularly detail expenses of carrying animals by the railway.  In one example he bought 6 heifers at Ashford Market and paid 10 shillings and 9 pence for himself and the cattle.

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