Evidence on soil improvers 3

Evidence on soil improvers 3
  • Title: Evidence to Opposed Bill Committee on South Eastern Railway

  • Date : 23 March 1836, p.255

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives, HC/CL/PB/2/2/36

  • Description :

    Before the arrival of the South Eastern Railway local farmers foudnit very difficult to obtain chalk and other soil improvers, as discussed in their evidence to the Opposed Bill Committee.

  • Transcript:

    A: ..part of the ploughed land in the Weald of Kent it does little good the expence is such as to preclude its being used in a larger quantity.

    Q: Instead of being 3 tons an Acre you ought to put more but for the expence?

    A: If we had 5 ir 6 it would do more good.

    Q: How long does that last one lime, that manuring?

    A: We don't consider it lasts more than 2 or 3 crops.

    Q: Do you know the difference between the price of a ton of lime and a ton of Chalk?

    A: I do not exactly.

    Q: The one is more than the other of course?

    A: Yes.

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