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20cm apart and nowhere to run, Mevan Bebakar

Poem by Mevan Bebakar, Year 12

The Shackles resonate around the cage, the heavy thud of the dull metal echoes the beginning of the inhumanity she will endure.
20cm apart and nowhere to run.
The Metal sinks into her dark skin, penetrating the flesh and drawing blood.
20cm apart and nowhere to run.
The rust scrapes against the wound sending jolts of pain up and down her being.
The wound deepens and her leg is bleeding tears, sobbing for mercy.
But she doesn't make a sound, her soul too weakened to scream out in pain.
20cm apart and nowhere to run.
You want to run don't you? Well you can't! I have you! You are MINE! Mine until they unlock you. Mine to do with as I
See how obedient I am? I do as I'm told.
20cm apart. 20cm apart.
Your disgusting feet are
20cm apart.
I serve my purpose. Now you serve yours, slave.

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