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The chain, Hemali Mehta

Poem by Hemali Mehta, Year 12

I know he fears the chain.
For I am no ordinary chain,
I am a snake
I wrap his cursed body in my clutches
My poisonous tongue stings his voice like a scorpion
My sharp iron carves messages in his skin
In the darkened room when I live, his hands and feet are tied.
I sometimes hear voices,
Crying, screaming, tormented voices,
But I do not feel, for I am chains,
My purpose is to leave scars on his heart,
For I have the blood of many on my spine.
When he is alone I give him company,

When the night arrives I blanket him from the dark,
Each time digging deeper,
I live on his warm meat,
At times I feel his heart throbbing
he vibrates his sorrow through my iron spine,
I know he is slowly dying,
For I know everything he is feeling.
I dig deeper, scraping harder, carving stronger
I'm giving him freedom
Killing him

His master doesn't understand,
A small fraction of his pain.

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